Welcome to Serenity Wellness! We ask if you have one of the following symptoms you cancel your appointment until it is cleared: - sore throat - runny nose - fever over 38 degrees - cough or worsening chronic cough - muscle aches - loss of sense of taste or smell - purple markings on fingers or toes (children) - headache - difficulty breathing - diarrhea - unexplained fatigue

Our clinic is located at 535 Beaverbrook Court, Suite B10 in the basement. Parking is available at our clinic as well. Our clinic offers:

- Massage therapy

- Naturotherapy

- Counselling

- Meditation classes

- Yoga classes

- Reflexology

- Dietitian services

- Kinesiology

Receipts can be provided for income tax or insurance purposes. Direct billing is available with some providers and depends on the individual plan. Some plans require a medical prescription to submit direct billing as well.

We ask for 24 hours notice of cancellation. Failure to provide this is a lost opportunity for a client who may need in and therefore a fee will be charged of $45 for the first incident, full treatment charge for a subsequent visit. We reserve the right to discharge clients from our clinic in the event of 3 under 24 hour cancellations.

Consent is required to be signed before any treatment is rendered.

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